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Warden Hill Junior School

Register of Interest

The table below shows information for all governors over the last 12 month period.‚Äč

 Governor Name  Type of Governor Membership of committees  Date of Appointment  Term of Office End Date Connections
to Staff 
 Other Governor
Posts Held
 Business Interests Declared
 Mr Mark Welch HT    Full Governing Body  N/A No  None None 
 Mrs Christine Tubb STF   Full Governing Body      31/12/2019 No  None None 
 Mrs Zubia Malik (Chair) CG    Full Governing Body    03/10/2020  No  None  None
 Mrs Sonia Hamiltion PG   Full Governing Body    07/09/2019  No  None  None
 Mrs Emily Chambers
 (Vice Chair)
PG Full Governing Body 07/09/2019 No None None
 Mrs Ann Simpkins CG  Full Governing Body 07/09/2019 No None None
 Mrs Lyndsey Bithrey AS  Full Governing Body N/A No None None
 Mr Tim Hayden AS  Full Governing Body N/A No None Link to Griffin Players

 Mrs J Harrison

AS Full Governing Body N/A No None None

 Mr Ben Thomas

PG Full Governing Body 16/11/2018 Yes None None

 Mr Adam Norman

CG Full Governing Body 15/05/2021 No None None

 Mrs Dominique

PG   Full Governing Body Stepped Down June 2017 No  None  None

 Miss Jessica Majorana 

CG Full Governing Body Stepped Down July 2017 No None None


LA – Local Authority nominated or appointed governor

PG – Elected or appointed Parent Governor

STF – Staff governor

FOU – Foundation Governor (state appointing body)

CG – Co-opted Governor, appointed by the governing body

AG – Appointed by the trustees of the Academy

PTN – Partnership Governor

AS – Associate member

HT – Headteacher

Term of Office End Date