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Warden Hill Junior School

Parents Online Safety

Our children are growing up part of a generation that do not know a life without technology.  They do not remember life without mobile phones, tablet devices, social networks or the Internet.  We as parents have the task of guiding our children on their path through life.  In the same way as we teach our children to be safe, kind to others, to have good manners,  we must also guide and teach them in their digital lives too.  We are the first generation of parents needing to do this. Taking an active interest in our children's digital behaviour is our best tool for educating them in their online world.  

We recently held a Parents Online Safety Workshop, presented by Kathy Olson from E2bn.  She has kindly shared her presentation with us for parents to view.  We have also included the clip used that shows in a very clear way how strange our online habits can be in the real world.  We hope you find these useful. Please visit our Additional Support Agencies page for links to external support sites.